Sri Ramalinga Chowdeshwari Devi Giving Boon In Dasara Utsavam

Sajja Gramamu organized Sri Ramalinga Chowdeshwari Devi Dasara Utsavam at Sri Ramalinga Chowdeshwari Devi Prayer Hall inside the premises of Sri Kapila Vinayaka Devasthanam under the management of Sri Chennapuri Devanga Sangham.

As a tradition, the street procession and celebrations will commence only after boon by the Lordess Sri Ramalinga Chowdeshwari Devi for the same, which is prayed for by the Kumarikas duly enchanting the description of the Lordess, usually after the Viboodhi Thatta reaches the premises from Kannikallamma Gudi following a Pooja there.

You can see at 1min 22 sec, the Lordess is very much pleased to boon the Devanga Community by giving away the lemon fruit placed on her to the Kumarikas. This express how much the Lordess is satisfied with the organizing of the Dasara Utsavam.

Let us pray Sri Ramalinga Chowdeshwari Devi, our Kula Devatha for the prosperity and growth of all Devangas across the world.

Please watch and share this video so that almost all Devangas have a glimpse of Lordess Sri Ramalinga Chowdeshwari Devi giving boon to the Devangas