DEVANGA CHARITHRA by Dr viagra 25 mg prix. S. Jayadev Babu

Devanga Charithra or the history and the origin of Devangas was written in the Brahmanda Purana of Maha Puranas thousands of years ago. With the passage of time the Charitra was interpreted in different languages, as Devangas migrated from place to place across India. While the central theme remained unchanged, the story seemed to have undergone modifications through the ages. It was retold and written a number of times. Accordingly, several interesting versions of the Devanga Charithra have come to be known today and one of them is described below.

Devangas are believed to have originated from the body cells of Devala Maharshi, a sage and a devotee of Lord Siva. According to another view, Devangas had emerged from the body organs of Devas or the celestials and hence called ‘Dev Angas’.

Long before the emergence of Devangas, the Devas or the celestials were roaming naked. They had their persons covered only by ornaments much to the chagrin of Asuras, who chased, heckled and made fun of them all the time. Their life became so miserable that only Lord Siva could bring them relief. The Lord summoned one of the greatest of all sages, Devala Maharshi and ordained to create robes for the Devas.

Devala Maharshi set about to explore the daunting project of making clothes for the thirty three crore strong Devas . But the Asuras blocked his route by throwing boulders and tree trunks. They even plotted to kill the Sage by inducting the mightiest of Asuras, Mahishasura .

The Demon Mahishasura contended that Devala Maharshi was not his peer . He charged his army generals instead . They were seven in number and each one of them was distinct by an exclusive colour. They had earlier stolen the bow of Indra or the Indra Dhanus and digested its colours. The generals attacked Devala Maharshi but could alone succeed in disabling and putting him to sleep.They asked Mahishasura to step in, lest the sage would rise from his slumber and launch a counter attack.

Hurt by the failure of his generals, Mahishasura unleashed his brute force and plunged all the Deva Lokas in darkness. Chaos prevailed everywhere. Sage Narada who had been witnessing the events rushed to Lord Siva and sought Lord’s intervention for the rescue of Deva Lokas.

Mahishasura was unassailable by virtue of his boons granted to him so liberally by Brahma, Siva and even Vishnu. Only an inconceivable weapon beyond the prowess of the divine trinity could kill Mahishasura. Lord Siva invoked a conference of the trinity. The three Lords, Brahma, Vishnu and Siva conceived Sakthi who appeared as Chamundeshwari riding a fierce lion. She had ten hands armed with ten diverse weapons.

Chamundeshwari’s resplendence swept the darkness away instantly and flooded all the worlds with brilliant illumination. With his eyes dazzled , Mahishasura was awestruck and stood amazed. In a flash of action, Chamundeshwari struck the Asura with thrusts of her weapons and pierced his skin inflicting thousands of injuries. Blood spurted out from the Asura and sprouted like fountains.The slain Mahishasura fell with a thud and in the process crushed his seven generals underneath his mountainous frame.His blood condensed into long silken threads of yarn that had all the colours and hues of a rainbow blended into them.

Devala Maharshi rose, acclaimed Chamundeshwari as Mahishasuramardani and sang in praise. With Her blessings he picked up the bundles of yarn and proceeded to carry out his task uninterrupted. All he needed to do was only weave the thread into a cloth and with proper tools . He walked straight to the wonderful city of Maya, the master builder. Maya could materialize anything from thin air and arrived at an object,a tool, an instrument, a house, a mansion or even a mighty city. Devala Maharshi revealed his intention and asked for assistance. Maya was pleased and he designed a loom made out of wood drawn from the root of Parijatha Vriksham of Indra Loka. He explained its operation with hands and feet and with the participation of six indriyams or senses.

Devala Maharshi left the city of Maya, with the hand loom. From each cell of his body emerged a weaver and soon there were thousands of Devanga weavers both men and women who made replicas of the loom and began weaving rolls of fabric. Devala Maharshi wove the first piece of cloth or vasthram and proceeded to Kailasa to offer to Lord Siva. Enchanted by the beauty of the fabric, Goddess Parvathi received the cloth in admiration and draped it around Lord Siva and Herself .The divine duo showered ample blessings on Devala Maharshi.

Following Devala Maharshi, the Devanga weavers visited all the Deva Lokas and offered the woven cloth to the Devas. The Devas had their attire and were fully decorated. They were no more a laughing stock before the Asuras . They were immensely pleased and shared all their skills with Devangas who were blessed to be the most talented community of people on earth.